Rugby 2021/2022 season

Practices have now started which gives players the chance to work on fitness, mental attitude, and rugby skills. New players are very much welcome. Please turn up to the next training session (details on the home page) for your age group in outdoor fitness gear to find out more.

Coaches have been working hard on making it safe to return to play with a plan to ensure practice meets COVID-19 protocols.


Please read the Lions COVID-19 protocol and then sign the COVID-19 release online before your first practice. Sorry but no player will be allowed to practice without this signed form.

Step 2: Register at USA RUGBY

Registration is a little different this year. You will need to register with USA Rugby using a new tool called SportLomo.

A USA Rugby fee is payable now. 

To register for USA rugby click here, then select 'Youth & High School'. Region: select 'Rugby Washington'. Club: Select 'Eastside Lions Rugby'. Click on register and select:

“High School Player” if you play for Varsity or Junior Varsity ($65 fee) 

“Youth Player ” if playing for under 14 or under 12 ($50 fee)

'Rookie (Youth Non-Contact) if playing under 10 or under 8 ($10 fee)

Then please complete the short form and pay the USA Rugby fee. 

Your coach will invite you to Teamsnap where you can find practice details. 

Eastside Lions Club Fees will be announced very soon.

If you need a little more guidance you can find a short video on how to register here.

New to Rugby? Try it for free. 

If you have not played rugby previously that is absolutely fine. We welcome everyone and our coaches will bring you up to a standard where you feel confident. Simply turn up to a training sessions to give rugby a try for free. See the schedules on the home page for times and locations.  If you are not quite sure if rugby is for you then attend one of our trainings for free to find out more. You can find out more information lower down the page.

If this is your first time then just come dressed ready to run around outdoors. Our practice sessions involve plenty of running so having an outer layer initially that can be removed for after warm up. Secondly if you have cleats (see below) then please bring otherwise initially just use sneakers. If you find you want to continue then you will need to invest in a pair of cleats.

Mouth Guard: A mouth guard will be required for any contact drills and we encourage all ages to bring and wear a mouth guard through the entire practice. This is most important at the younger ages as inadvertent collisions can occur and we want the kids to get used to wearing a mouth guard. Mouth guards must not extend outside of  the mouth (blinky style is not allowed and any strap must be cut or removed).

Cleats: Cleats must not have a single toe cleat common to football cleats, no baseball cleats, molded rubber soccer style cleats are the best as a start.

Dress for the weather: No hoods, however beanies can be worn.  Younger kids can wear football receiver style gloves. Dress for the weather in layers, as we get into the colder months undergarments that cover the legs are allowed in practice.

Eastside Lions kit: If you are entirely new to the club but have decided you want to play this season you will be able to buy a kit that includes shirt, shorts, and socks. A rugby ball is provided free.

Bring a COVID-19 mask and a sports bottle for water.


Parents please sign the following:

Financial Assistance

We never turn away a young person who wants to play rugby. We  welcome all and support those in need  of assistance. We are both flexible and confidential in working with any individual or family.

The club needs your help

This year more than ever the club will need help from parents to get the kids out practicing. For each team we will require covid checks (temp checks on arrival, sanitizing equipment etc) each week. For those able to help, please sign up using the button below.

What does each team need help with?

Player Recruitment
Field set up
Post Match break down and clean up
Feed coordinator
Cook/BBQ for feeds
Team parent
Team parent coordinator (system wide)
Kit wash
The club would welcome volunteers which would count to volunteer hours:

Auction Committee
Player Recruitment
Player kit fitting
End of season BBQ
Coordinate hosts homes for visiting national tour team
Volunteer Coordinator
Social media
Parent 101 committee
Community out-reach
Certified medical trainer
Matching - Eastside Lions Youth Rugby is registered with company matching schemes in the region. Please do match your volunteer hours as our club relies on matching funds to support the mission and vision of the club.