New to Rugby? Try it for free. 

If you have not played rugby previously and are not quite sure if rugby is for you then that's absolutely fine. We welcome everyone and our coaches will bring you up to a standard where you feel confident and decide if you want to continue.

Simply turn up to a training to give rugby a try for free. Under 8, Under 10, and Under 12's all train on Tuesday and Thursday from 5pm while Under 14, Junior Varsity and Varsity all train on Wednesday from 5pm  and Saturday from 12 noon. See the schedules on the home page for times and locations.

"Rugby is a game of committment, teamwork and love. Scrums are tough and powerful. Lineouts make trust and friendship come togther. Constant support wherever you are, and when that one person scores that try, the whole team takes the glory."

Lucy Maitre - Female Rugby Player

What to wear?

If this is your first time then just come dressed ready to run around outdoors. Our practice sessions involve plenty of running so having an outer layer initially that can be removed for after warm up. Secondly if you have cleats then please bring otherwise initially just use sneakers. If you find you want to continue then you will need to invest in a pair of cleats.

You can find out more by clicking the link below.

Eastside Lions kit

If you are new to the club but have decided you want to play this season you will be able to buy a kit that includes shirt, shorts, and socks. A rugby ball is provided free. Click below to find out more.


You can find our COVID-19 protocols here. Reading these and signing a waiver here before attending training will make starting practice much quicker.

Please bring a COVID-19 mask and a sports bottle for your own water.

At the beginning of each session every player is temperature checked and given sanitizer for their hands.